This Year Must Have Office Furniture

The times are always changing is a saying that doesn’t seem to have ever been more true than it is in this period that we live in. Every day something new is discovered or invented, from new phones to a new design in Singapore Designer Furniture that is better for the body or environment. Something new pops up every day and keeping up with it all can sometimes be a little over whelming.

Any good office or work environment must be able to keep up with the newest developments in their specific field as that means your company remains relevant and your employees are satisfied and able to work efficiently. This means constant tweaking and changing if the work space is to serve the constantly changing needs of the business and employees.

2017 is a year that has seen a lot of innovations in the office equipment department and to help you stay with the times here is a list of the top 7 must have.

1. The Sit-to-stand desk: with the amount of medical related issues and pain that arises from sitting too long it was only a matter of time before something came along to curb it. Enter the Sit-to-stand desk a height-adjustable piece allows workers to quickly and easily go from seated to standing positions or the other way round, without having to reconfigure their computer setup. This means that you also don’t fall into the other extreme of standing too long.

2.The Tiny Tower: This invention is a lap top stand for your desk. It can improve your posture by bringing laptops closer to eye level, preventing neck and back strain caused by hunching over your laptop. It’s adjustable, compatible with Mac and PC, and it’s very portable.

3.USB Ports Everywhere: everyone has a smart phone or device of sorts and today almost all devices have a charger that plugs into a USB port. So by installing USB ports in the office you are making it easier for people to charge their devices hence making them happier and more efficient.

4.Restickable Write Boards: these are instant whiteboards that stick, remove and reapply practically anywhere. So you can pretty much have a meeting on the go or jump from one location to another without any hassle.

5.The Edge Desk: a desk-chair combo that promises improved posture, productivity and comfort. You can sit on its kneeling chair and adjust the surface to accommodate your activity. It can work as a computer desk, an artist’s easel or just a comfy place to study.

6.Cubii: an elliptical for under your desk. This device helps you burn of a few calories while working as well as help you concentrate and focus more on your work. From an employer’s point of view it increases the productivity in those who use it.

7.Multipurpose Furniture: 2017 has seen a rise in the love of multipurpose designs that transform Singapore Office Furniture as well, marking the beginning of the era of modular, adaptable, and breakout furnishings. With examples like Land peel and Badac the future of multipurpose furniture looks bright.