3 Easy DIY Projects For The Home

Here are 3 easy DIY projects to help give your home a little something extra, of the required materials can be easily ordered from an Online Furniture Shop Singapore or nearby everyday store. Enjoy!

  1. Lace lamp

This is an easy to make lamp than can be used as a normal light or decorations for the merry season.

First blow up a big balloon, then you collect all the old crochet or lace small tablecloths you can find or buy. Next step is to paint them with lots of wallpaper glue so they are soaked. Then wait for a while, preferably for a whole night. Once it’s completely dry and hard pop the balloon, then cut open a little tear on top to insert the bulb and attach a nice looking cord and lamp fitting. You can then sew this up, and there you have your new lamp.

  1. Dream catcher

Materials you’ll need: hoop, stings, fabrics, decorative materials (feathers, beads etc. )

Start by wrapping the hoop with fabric, apply glue to the hoop then wrap the fabric around that part making sure to not leave any space uncovered by fabric. Let the glued section dry for a few minutes. Repeat the process until the entire hoop is wrapped. Once it’s completely dry weave the web, pick a starting point and tie a tight knot (make sure it’s secure and won’t move), now working clockwise, stretch the string to about 2 inches over on the hoop. Loop the string around the hoop and back over it to create a hitch. As you weave the web, the circle in the middle will get smaller and smaller. Weave the string until only a small circle is left in the middle of the dream catcher. Make sure to pull the string tight to secure the web. Tie a double or triple knot to make sure the string is secure. Now decorate and hang, your dream catcher is ready to catch those bad dreams and let you sleep.

  1. Fur chair

For this project you’ll need to visit a Singapore Furniture Shop to get an office chair and 2 faux rugs. Start by placing your faux rug over the chair, then using a threaded needle or glue gun which ever works best for you, attach the sides of the rug together at the seams. Once you have both sides secured to one another at the top, cut the 2nd rug in half and line it up with the corner at the back of the seat. Use your threaded needle, glue gun or a safety pin to connect the bottom piece to the top. Once you’ve attached the top and bottom together at the back of the seat, crease the front corner and sew or hot glue it together .Now make sure the 3 corner you have finished are lined up the way you want. Once they are, sew or glue the last 2 seams together. You’re pretty much done; all that’s left is to trim away any excess fur under the chair so it doesn’t get caught in the swivel. And you’re done!