Making A Cozy Home Office

For those who are just starting a home office or for those who looking to cozy up their pre existing office this is for you.

We all decide to work from home for different reasons. No matter what the reason, we all have one thing in common: the home office space. A cozy home office design is vital for both productivity and personal satisfaction but getting it to that point of comfort is not always easy. Some people even hire professionals to do it for them! But not everyone has the pocket for that.

So let’s jump right into it.

1. Location: ideally a home office should be located in an isolated space, such as a spare bedroom or a converted garage. But not everyone has the room to spare. So pick an area where you will feel most comfortable as well as a place that is well-lit and spacious enough for your desk, any computer or electronic equipment you have also for your work materials and you.

2. Clutter: this is the number one enemy to making your work space cozy; things can easily pile up on your desk over time and create a mess. If you’re tight on space but need to store a lot of materials, you can install floating shelves or tall bookcases to utilize vertical space. Organize things so they are easy to find a system that works for you.

3. Lighting: Your home office should also have at least one window, as natural light will help you work without the strain on your eyes that’s caused by electronics glowing or overhead lights. If that is not available Adjusting the lighting of your office desk by using a little lamp has a major effect on your concentration and definitely make your work space cozier.

4. Organization and storage: this is core to making your space comfortable, how you organize things determines how much space there is on your desk and to you. So get a paper organizer, binder or even a stylish notebook is always better than having unwanted folders all over the place. The fact that you have a cleaner and more organized desk will leave you thrilled and put you in a good mood.

5. Furniture: The most important aspect of home office design is your direct work space and the furniture you use, you need good-quality ergonomic equipment. Not only will you be more comfortable, and therefore more focused and productive, but you’ll also lower your risk of repetitive stress injuries such as eye strain or carpal tunnel.

6. Decorate: spice your office up a bit. Plants, especially live ones, can not only add a fresh aroma to your space, but a bit of colorful decor to help brighten your day. If you plan to paint the walls, go for brighter, more invigorating colors such as yellow, which has been shown to promote energy and boost moods. If you want a calmer feeling, try a pale green. Pin up some motivational quotes to bring some energy to your everyday. Family pictures on the table are also a way to brighten a stressful day.