How to Create Space in Your Home

Space is something a home can never have too much of, eventually every space will be filled and then the time will come to do something to create more of it. Regardless of how small your apartment or how large your villa is, we all have the need to maximize space to make our homes feel more spacious and more welcoming.

So here are a couple of things you can do to help make up some space.

Declutter and donate: this should everyone’s first step to making space. Go through the house you are bound to find stuff that no one uses or wants anymore be it clothing, appliances, toys or even furniture. There will be that 1 or hundred things that no one has a need for anymore.

Vertical storage: people tend to keep things side by side first then when there is no room they keep things on top of each other. If from the beginning you actually start by storing things vertically one above the other you are less likely to run out of room. Get furniture that allows this like cupboards or maximize space with vertical storage shelving in your pantry. Be sure to only keep things that you do not use frequently in high places, so as to avoid frequent trips up the ladder.

Storage containers: these are a great way to save space as similar items can be stored together. It also makes getting items easier as you know which containers contain what sort of items. If you have a bad memory labeling is always a solution.

Change how you keep things: create a system for storing that ensures you don’t have to go through everything to find a certain item. For example keep frequently used items in the front of cupboards or at the top of storage containers in easy to reach spots.
Get what fits: when getting furniture and other such items ensure you get what fits into the space you have at home. Or when getting groceries get brands that fit into the pantry rack. Storage products should fit your stuff; your stuff shouldn’t have to fit whatever you buy on by force.
Build or buy:

· Foldaway desk: this means when not in use the space it usually occupies is available for other things.

· Shelf over your door: this creates a storage space that’s out of the way for you to store unused towels or blankets.

· Duffle bag that turns into a portable closet.

· Storage Ottoman: The ottoman has many uses, serving as extra seating, a foot rest, or even a coffee table when a tray is placed on top. Versions with under-lid storage give it an extra even more valuable use.

Furniture’s with storage space: there are so many of these out there, beds that have cupboards on their sides, chairs that double as storage containers and so many others.

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